We are proud to be members of the following associations and trade bodies:

ABI full

The ABI promotes best practice, transparency and high standards within the industry working with government, regulators and policymakers – both in the UK and internationally – to ensure the insurance industry meets the highest standards.

Connected Living

The Connected Living e.V. Innovation Center, has more than 50 member companies and organisations working together to develop innovative, intuitive and intelligent solutions that bridge sectors and manufacturers.

The Federation of Guarantees and Assurances Affinity (FG2A) brings together all industry players to promote affinity products and the specialist nature of the sector in France.


Energy@home is a no-profit association that, for the benefit of the environment, aims at developing & promoting technologies and services for energy efficiency in the home based upon device to device communication.


CTAM Europe has a vision to advance marketing excellence in the cable industry as well as the mastery of new technologies and strategic learning in cable, broadband and other emerging media.


The CCMA is the longest established association representing the call centre industry in the UK.  They support contact centre managers through providing opportunities to network; to openly share best practice and to increase their skills and knowledge through specialist training.



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