Award Winning Fraud Investigation

Insurance fraud is on the rise and as criminals’ techniques evolve and methods become more sophisticated, it is imperative that businesses have the necessary defences in place to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

To help combat fraud, Assurant has developed its own award-winning fraud investigation service to proactively investigate and actively pursue criminal prosecution for false claims.

Investigators with vast experience of conducting investigations involving Serious and Organised Crime Groups complete the following actions:

  • Proactively examine risks which will affect revenue streams
  • Prevent/contain issues which may compromise reputations
  • Compile full evidential packages to criminal prosecution standards for all cases of identified fraud which are submitted to the Police
  • Seek to recover restitution by civil means from those who defraud Assurant and their business partners. This forms part of our in-house end-to-end service, so any costs recovered are shared entirely between Assurant and the affected partners

“We have seen an increase in the amount of fraud and crime that is committed relating to mobile phones, and despite resource challenges we are more active than ever. Sharing information with Assurant’s investigation team has helped us deliver some good detection results, and we remain committed to those types of relationships.” – National Mobile Phone Crime Unit

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