Total Supply Chain Management

As part of our end to end services activity, we have an experienced supply chain management solution in Europe.

We can manage multiple suppliers for a proposition on behalf of the client, through one single relationship with Assurant. The outsourcing of supplier relationships to Assurant can be provided through very flexible contract arrangements and can include us sourcing the supplier; the client sourcing the supplier and Assurant taking up the contractual relationship, novation of contractual arrangement, or Assurant acting in a management capacity over a supplier.

The flexible approach allows the client to manage non-core suppliers to their desired risk levels and reduce the amount of resource dedicated to the management of supplier relations.  Other advantages of this approach are a consolidated view of programme performance across all managed suppliers and a total view of MI and customer satisfaction across the broader proposition. Assurant have a wide range of experience in supplier management within the Lifestyle Assistance market providing outsourced supply chain management services for products such as travel insurance, car breakdown and attraction discounts to name but a few.

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