Distributed through some of Europe’s most well-known brands, we create and manage products that can support consumers as they continually become more dependent on technology and to always be connected. And as consumer needs change, we evolve and innovate our solutions to ensure customers receive a first class service and our partners stay ahead of their competitors.

Mobile Device Protection
Assurant is the leading mobile device insurance provider across Europe, supporting the repair or replacement of a device every 20 seconds.
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Extended Warranty
As a leading provider of over 80 million extended warranties worldwide, Assurant are well placed to offer expertise and experience.
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Digital Secure
The continuing popularity of smartphone and mobile tablet devices is making it easier for consumers to share their personal data in a digital environment. We have created Digital Secure to ensure a
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Assurant Traveller
With more and more people travelling abroad year on year, we believe airports are an experience to be enjoyed, not endured. Assurant Traveller allows customers to start and finish their journey stress
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