Mobile Security

A survey conducted by Assurant found that one in three iPhone owners placed more value on the data stored on their handset, than the actual handset itself.

Thanks to their ever expanding capabilities, smartphones are acting as a multimedia storage facility for personal data and the primary medium through which it is then shared for activities like social media and managing finances.

Recognising the additional functionality that smartphone devices can offer, we work with some of the world’s leading experts and providers of Mobile Security solutions to help customers safeguard their data. Our solutions primarily use over-the-air technology so that consumers can access the service remotely where ever they go.

Solutions include:

The ability for customers to remotely lock their mobile devices and render them unusable if they are lost or stolen

  • Anti-virus solutions which can protect mobile devices from malware and spyware attacks
  • Keystroke encryption software to safeguard data submitted through mobile devices
  • Data backup and restoration – allowing customers to store data from multiple devices in the ‘cloud’. The stored data is accessed and managed via a web portal so it can easily be recovered
  • Location based features – allowing customers to view the approximate location of their mobile device through a web portal to help gauge whether it’s retrievable