Digital Secure

The continuing popularity of smartphone and mobile tablet devices is making it easier for consumers to share their personal data in a digital environment. We have created Digital Secure to ensure a consumer’s digital well being is not compromised.

According to the ‘Pew Customer Data: Designing For Transparency and Trust – HBR, Data Security’ report there were 891 million account breaches in 2015.

Cyber criminals are being provided with opportunities to illegally manipulate the digital footprint left behind by consumers for fraudulent purposes. The consequences for those affected by such criminal behaviour can be both financially and emotionally devastating.

To counteract this, Assurant have created the Digital Secure proposition which brings together a suite of products and solutions to help consumers proactively safeguard their personal data from fraudulent activity and offers restoration support if required.

We have access to market leading third party experts which combined with our in-house capability creates a comprehensive protection solution that includes:

  • Online Credit Report Access and monitoring services
  • Web Detect feature which allows customers to be alerted if their personal and financial data is shared online
  • Keystroke encryption software for devices to help protect them against malware and spyware attacks
  • Legal Assistance putting customers in touch with experts in their area
  • 24/7 telephony support available through a dedicated customer helpline

As with all our solutions, Digital Secure can be tailored to match bespoke client requirements.

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