Extended Warranty

As a leading provider of over 80 million extended warranties worldwide, Assurant are well placed to offer expertise and experience in the UK.

Our Extended Warranty solutions are all about what happens after a customer buys a product. This post-purchase experience is often where companies find themselves working in the dark. They have a lot of insight into the purchase and everything that leads up to it. But after the sale, things aren’t as clear.

That’s a serious problem, because what happens post-purchase is actually twice as important to the consumer as what happens pre-purchase. So the area where companies typically have the least amount of visibility is the one that’s most important to the consumer. And this leads to poor customer experiences, increased risk and missed sales opportunities.

That’s where Assurant is making such a difference. We’re bringing more light to the entire customer experience – pre-purchase, point-of-sale and most importantly post-purchase – than anyone else in the industry across the globe. We identify unmet customer needs and expectations, deliver greater insight into product performance and uncover hidden risks in our clients’ protection programs. And we can do this because we have more resources, expertise and experience than anyone else – and we believe in complete transparency with our partners.