Programme Solutions

Assurant can create tailor made product and service programmes across a range of consumer markets to offer an end-to-end packaged solutions.

Programme solutions that can be provided across Europe include:

  • Buy-back and Trade-in for mobile device
  • Handset financing
  • Bank in a box
  • Out of warranty repair
  • Lifestyle package bundles

The advantages we can offer in our programme solutions are:

  • Expertise gathered from across the world
  • Extensive customer behavioural¬†insights
  • Outsource IT platform that will integrate into your (limited IT infrastructure cost)
  • Multi-lingual customer servicing platforms

We work with our clients to design the right programme for them.

The Hubb
Lifestyle Bundle providers are realising that managing a joined up customer experience across multiple products and providers can be a complex and time-consuming experience.
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Connected Living
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Lifestyle Bundles
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