The Hubb

Lifestyle Bundle providers are realising that managing a joined up customer experience across multiple products and providers can be a complex and time-consuming experience.

The Assurant Hubb resolves this problem by offering a single point of contact for all product activity and significantly reduces the provider’s supplier management requirements. The Hubb can encompass the following:

  • Customer servicing through a single point of contact
  • Multi layered selection of product/feature
  • Management of full supply chain
  • Billing and payment
  • Multi channel servicing (retail, phone, web, mobile, app)
  • Brand experience of choice

Our Hubb solution is a fully configurable platform that can support the full customer journey from attraction, sales, product usage support and administration, fulfilment, customer retention and cross-sell. The customer experiences a seamless journey as all interfaces are managed through the brand of your choice.