Digital Security

Take caution when clicking into Christmas

According to the Adobe Digital 2013 Online Shopping Forecast this year will be the year of the mobile with online sales increasing by 68 per cent from last year.  Likewise,IMRG and CapGemini have...Read More

The Biometric phone is now here

Apple has finally launched the much talked about iPhone 5s.   As expected this latest version of its flagship product includes biometric touch ID fingerprint scanning technology. No surprise really,...Read More

Bring Your Own Device – The Insurance Implications

Fuelled by the increasing reliance we have on our personal smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices and the ever present need to make efficiency savings, a growing number of employers are...Read More

The implications of carrying a small computer in your pocket

The unfortunate reality is that cybercrime is fast becoming an everyday occurrence that we must all contend with. However, few of us appreciate the growing level of threat from hackers as we walk...Read More

Are Smartphones getting too smart?

Are smartphones becoming too intelligent for their own good?  Could this be a potential barrier to future growth?...Read More

How much are people in touch with their digital footprint?

In May 2012 new European laws around website cookies used by organisations to capture information about people who visit their website came into effect. Since then, visitors to websites will have...Read More

Data stored on a phone more precious than the phone itself

The continual evolution of mobile phones, their features and their functionality has led to evolving user habits, resulting in a massive increase in the amount and diversity of data types stored on a...Read More

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