How Assurant is Supporting the Continual Gadget Evolution


Technology doesn’t stand still…and neither do we. Here’s a quick summary of how Assurant has kept pace with these advancements over the last few years and how we plan to be at the fore front of supporting the customer’s connected world in the future.

Where we started…

At the end of theevolution wall walk ASSETS-03 last decade mobile phone functionality and capability progressed at rapid speed; colour screens
replaced monotone displays, touchscreen replaced QWERTY keyboards and the introduction of Bluetooth and 3G technology meant the phone went from being a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ accessory. At the same time, the gadget evolution was well underway through the introduction of items like satellite navigation systems and personal consoles which made it possible for gamers to play anywhere and with others from around the globe. Then there was the revolutionary Kindle which became a portable back catalogue of the customer’s books and digital cameras which enabled amateur photographers to produce professional quality snapshots.

Assurant’s role

We introduced insurance protection solutions which could then provide customers with peace of mind cover for these new essential gadgets, no matter where they took them.

Where we are now…

Mobile phones have become the hub of our social and working lives. No longer is their primary function making calls and sending texts. Watching films, video calling, taking photos, shopping and banking are just a few of the everyday tasks which phones empower evolution wall walk ASSETS-06us to do. We see more of an integrated relationship between mobile technology and devices Tablets have created the middle ground between mobile phones and laptops, with many users now only needing a tablet rather than a traditional PC. The progress made in shrinking the complex technology in our phones has led to wearable tech like the Apple watch allow customers to keep in touch with their connected world more easily on the go, but also allowed the Internet of Things to become established by making it possible to embed internet connectivity in almost anything.

Assurant’s role

We recognised that as customers became more reliant on these devices, any outage would cause greater hardship. Our solutions are not just about repairing and replacing devices – it’s about helping customers get connected again as quickly as possible and minimising any inconvenience caused. This includes introducing services like real-time claims, same day delivery, fault diagnostic apps and access to expert tech support. It also includes continually extending cover to new products which enter the mainstream market such as smart watches, tablets and health related wearables.

Where we are going…

Technology progression will continue at high speed as manufacturers and system operators look to deliver the most innovative products. Extended security will be a key factor through features like biometric security and protection will improve as more devices are made from durable materials. The apps, especially games, we have on our devices will take on a whole new dimension as Virtual Reality really takes hold thanks to the likes of evolution wall walk ASSETS-09Google and Samsung bringing related devices to market.. Our relationship with technology is set to become much more personal with a wave of new Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology making it possible to talk to your devices and have them understand the context and meaning of what you say without the need for special phasing. These new personal assistants will be present not just in our phones but across all connected devices, meaning you could talk to your phone, your watch or even your washing machine to accomplish the same task. The Internet of Things will continue at pace, drones will make more of an appearance in our skies and  autonomous  vehicles will bring a whole new meaning to portable gadgets.

Assurant’s role

We will continue to embrace such advancements ensuring that products and technology like virtual reality, drones and autonomous vehicles are integral to the solutions we offer.

The gateway to the customer’s connected world

The gadget evolution will create a more profound connected world with customers completing more and more interactions through their mobile devices includievolution wall walk ASSETS-12ng day to day management of their homes. They will connect with home appliances so a smart fridge knows when to order food items, your home security system can identify when to unlock the door on your approach and your heating system adapts to the right temperature just in time for your arrival.

Connected devices will be a necessity and a world of connected living a reality. Whatever the future holds, Assurant will be there to ensure the devices which form the gateway to this connected world are supported by providing businesses and customers with innovative, market-leading solutions.




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