Are Smartphones getting too smart?


Are smartphones becoming too intelligent for their own good?  Could this be a potential barrier to future growth?

The smartphone phenomenon is sweeping the globe as more and more consumers rely on these mobile devices.  According to figures released by Strategy Analytics in October the number of smartphones in use around the world has reached 1 billion.

As our phones get smarter are we getting lazier?

We no longer need to spell correctly as our smartphone corrects our mistakes for us. We don’t need to remember important dates as our phone alerts us. We don’t need to read maps as our devices know where we are and can work out the best route for us. We can even remotely manage our friendships via the social media apps on our smartphones.  But could this be their biggest downfall?

As smartphones become more sophisticated consumers can end up spending more and more money to not only upgrade to the latest version but also to purchase apps to keep pace.  This can make our investment in smartphones significant.  In addition, the more sophisticated the device the more opportunity for theft both in terms of the smartphone itself and the data on it.

The more functionality we have on our phones and the more things we use them for, the more attractive they become to others and the greater the opportunity for hackers to gain access to our personal information.

How to keep a smartphone-enabled life running smoothly

So what would we do if the worst was to happen and our mobile phone was lost, stolen or damaged?  Would life grind to a halt?  Mobile device protection insurance can make all the difference by protecting the financial investment we have made in our smartphones.

A well designed policy will ensure our smartphone-enabled lives continue with minimal interruption via swift repair and replacement services, and keep important personal information safe with data backup.

Smartphones / smart consumers

The future is indeed bright for the smartphone but we must not let their development be their downfall.  The smartest phones are those that help us manage every aspect of our busy work and social lives. The smartest consumers are those that understand how vulnerable these mobile devices can be, and take steps to protect them.

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