Take caution when clicking into Christmas


Christmas-Mobile1-211x300According to the Adobe Digital 2013 Online Shopping Forecast this year will be the year of the mobile with online sales increasing by 68 per cent from last year.  Likewise,IMRG and CapGemini have published a report suggesting that December retail figures are set to break £10bn for the first time as internet shopping accounts for the largest ever share of all sales.  As cyber Monday (2nd December 2013) fast approaches and shoppers armed with their last pay packet before Christmas take to the internet to find that perfect present, are they doing enough to ensure that their devices and personal data are safe?

Click into Christmas safely

The internet is now one big department store, offering everything we want at some of the most competitive prices.  Rather than jump in the car and join the hordes on the high street, we have shopping at our fingertips no matter where we are via our smartphones and tablets – the ultimate in convenience particularly during the busy Christmas period.  It is not surprising therefore that more of us than ever before are using our mobile devices to find the perfect Christmas present.

But as we click into Christmas do we understand the potential risks?  Apparently not! According to the Unisys Security Index, 85 per cent of us do not consider online fraud or identity theft to be a real risk to us.    However, as online shopping increases in the run up to Christmas, so too do the dangers posed by cyber crooks.

Fake e-Christmas cards can introduce trojans and malware into our  devices, spam emails with too good to be true Christmas promotions can dupe us into giving over our bank or credit card details and fake online stores advertising highly competitive prices can take our money and not deliver the goods.  These are all risks we need to consider, but whilst according to a recent Harris Interactive Report for Experian 89 per cent of online adults say they take steps to secure their digital information, in reality 55 per cent don’t check the validity of a website before shopping and 91 per cent do not do enough to secure the credit card information held on their devices.  Indeed according to shopsafe.co.uk, 2 million UK citizens suffer from fraud and identity theft annually.

Don’t be a victim of online fraud this Christmas

There are steps we can take to protect ourselves such as checking our devices regularly for viruses, checking the validity of emails, investigating the reputation of websites before purchasing, never sending confidential data via email and validating the security of mobile apps before we download them onto our devices.  But, there is one obvious and simple step that we should all take to protect our online Christmas shopping and that is to protect the device we shop with.  Mobile phone insurance offers far more than the obvious repair and replacement expectation we have of insurance.  Today’s mobile device protection offers innovative solutions to keep both our device and the data we hold on it safe from online criminals.

Assurant Solutions can include technologies such as lock and wipe, data back-up and Pocket Geek, our mobile protection app, within our clients’ insurance packages to ensure that as they go about their business online consumers do not suffer the financial ramifications, emotional consequences and inconvenience of online fraud. 

In all the rush of preparing for Christmas 2013 take a few moments to ensure that you are fully protected and that purchasing the perfect present for a loved one or relative online is the joyful experience it should be and not one that will leave you at risk.  For more information on Assurant Solutions innovative device protection options and how we are delivering valuable peace of mind to our customers at a price that makes sense please click here.

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