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Living in a 24/7 connected world means that having a mobile phone has never been more essential. Mobile phones are no longer a luxury commodity; they serve a basic need and are a vital part of our day-to-day lives.

Did you know that whilst mobile phones have been cemented in the Office for National Statistics (ONS) basket of goods for many years now, more recently smartphone apps and accessories were added to the list?

To put the enormity of this into context, consumers have to spend around £400 million a year on an item or service for it to make it on the basket of goods, and as a connected nation, this emphasises the significance mobile phones have come to have on our lives.

Have you seen the research* conducted by YouGov on behalf of Vodafone UK that shows that over two thirds of business people surveyed claimed their mobile phone is “vital” to the running of their organisation?

The need to be connected is important for all businesses. The research also found that as much as £12,000 in potential business revenue could be lost in one day by a small business decision maker not having access to their mobile phone.

As the European CEO of an international company I must remain connected with our business and our marketplace. My mobile phone is my wallet, my office, my camera, my stereo – it’s my life! It is critical to my everyday work day and allows me to continually support our clients and their customers.

Have you heard that Vodafone UK has launched Vodafone Rapid for small business customers – with Assurant as the underwriter?

Vodafone UK has launched Vodafone Rapid to help small businesses replace phones that are lost, stolen, accidentally damaged or break down out of warranty.  It aims to gets replacement phones into the hands of small businesses within four hours of an approved claim being made.

Supporting connected business

At Assurant we recognise the value of providing protection for mobile phones. Through ongoing research we can understand the behaviour of how businesses use their devices, and we use these findings to ensure our business model is aligned to their needs. This allows us to develop market leading propositions that continue to surpass the expectations of consumers who use our products and services.

Vodafone Rapid offers a ‘wow’ moment that can minimise the disruption of losing or breaking a mobile phone and help businesses to avoid missing out on opportunities. Since its launch we’ve seen a positive reaction to this service and envisage demand to grow as the need for connectivity continues to grow in importance.

From the 1st July 2016 Assurant General Insurance Ltd became underwriters for Vodafone UK’s new mobile phone insurance product for businesses 

*About the research

The survey was conducted on behalf of Vodafone UK by YouGov amongst 1,255 senior decision makers from British businesses with less than 10 employees, of which 1,024 have a work mobile phone. The survey was conducted online from 16-25 May 2016.

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